The Team at Executive are great to work with. They go above and beyond our expectations to insurance success on our projects. We have found them to be competitive in all corners of the province with better than average quality of lumber and truss packages every time. Nothing is too tough to do for Tim and the team. 


Fifteen years and counting, every single custom home has been touched by material and services from Home Building Centre! We have never had cause to question the structurally sound, high quality lumber and engineered roof / floor trusses provided by their long lasting team. Quality is priority to us, therefore, we have also taken advantage of Home Building’s exclusive sales on Jeldwen Windows and Doors. Soon after, a vast selection of detailed material arrives on our sites to complete finishing; involving interior doors, baseboard, casing, railing, spindles, sometimes including more detailed items like door headers, wainscoting and more! The selection will not disappoint! Last, and let’s be honest we’re not all perfect. If a certain material has been over sent or maybe not enough sent, finding a resolution is at the forefront and you will be taken care of.


Laebon Homes has been active as a homebuilder and developer in Central Alberta since 1976. For over four decades Executive Home Building Center has been one of our most valued and trusted supplier partners. We depend on them daily as our supplier of Lumber, Interior Finishing, Engineered Wood, and Truss products. Time and again they have proven to be exceptionally reliable in providing the products we need when we need them. We have always appreciated their professionalism, integrity, and commitment to their Clients. Jason and his team are great to work with and I look forward to our continued relationship.