About Us

Welcome to the Executive Home Building Centre Red Deer, proud winner of the 2018 Contractor’s Choice Award by the Red Deer Construction Association. Although we are an independently owned and operated store, we are also a member of Home Hardware Stores Ltd.—giving our customers the benefits of both. Our store is committed to serving Central Alberta's contractors, builders & trades with the highest quality materials and best delivery service anywhere. Our large fleet of trucks including crane, fork-mount, and tractor trailers allow us to guarantee our customers same day delivery. In 2001, we were also honored to win the Industry Award for the "Best Contractor Specialist Retailer" in Canada—another national award for our store, competing against all other Lumber Yards and buying groups across the Nation. Also in 2001 we were recognized by the Chamber The of Commerce as "Red Deer's Business of the Year". A real feather in our cap, this Award recognizes our long term contribution and success in the Community, and our Staff's commitment to excellence.

We’ve worked alongside the people of Red Deer to build many meaningful things over the years, supplying the finest tools, the best building materials, and the highest grade lumber to get the job done right. But more than the quality goods we deliver, it’s the expertise that we supply—the hands-on, genuine know-how—that makes a difference for our customers. We can do this because we’ve always started at home—taking care of our employees like family so they can take good care of yours.

2015 & 2018


Our History

In 1974 Bill Welikoklad, Owner of Executive Homes, was frustrated with the service he was getting from local building supply dealers. On one of the more frustrating days, he bought a piece of land from the city, put up a shop, and brought in the nicest lumber he had seen. Two years later Bill quit building homes, only to focus on supplying local builders with the service and material quality he had expected as a builder. In 1993 his son Jason came on board full time and continued the focus on maintaining a 100% focused contractor lumber yard, with material quality and world class delivery service being the fore front.